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About me


My name is Beatriz, a Spanish architect and freelance illustrator living in Madrid.

I have exhibited in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Shanghai, among others. I won a contest back in 2014 illustration and that gave me the confidence I needed to devote myself to the world of illustration and now I'm a full-time freelance artist! 

My work is characterized by a mostly constant female presence, seasoned with atmospheres of nature, many colors and light surreal touches. It is mainly defined by the use of pencil, charcoal, watercolor and digital. Although I use multiple experimental techniques in my work.


I have worked for brands such as Vogue, Oysho, Fnac, Cervezas Alhambra, Ron Barceló, Lenovo, Bombay Shapphire, Mr. Wonderful, MMBFW, Threadless, Hyundai, Editorial Planeta, Penguin Random House Editorial Group, Telva, Yorokobu, Banco Santander, Danone ...

If you want to tell me something you can send me an email to:

Or write me here:

Here's my instagram:

Why "orangeness"?

"Orange juice is the very essence of the orange revealed, and by this I mean the true nature and what gives it its" orangeness "and prevents it from presenting a flavor such as, for example, smoked salmon or corn grits. For devotees, the idea of eating anything but cereal for breakfast causes anxiety and fear, but with the death of God everything is allowed, and they can eat profiteroles and clams at will, and even chicken wings. " 

Pure anarchy. Woody Allen.

“The juice of the orange is the very being of the orange made manifest, and by this I mean its true nature, and that which gives it its“ orangeness ”and keeps it from tasting like, say, a poached salmon or grits. To the devout, the notion of anything but cereal for breakfast produces anxiety and dread, but with the death of God anything is permitted, and profiteroles and clams may be eaten at will, and even buffalo wings. “;

Mere anarchy. Woody Allen.

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